Things I Refuse to Say to Myself

Positive self talk for Christian women

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, each of us has an inner dialogue running through our mind. Sometimes I find myself thinking on something and then realize I have no idea how I got there.

It catches me off guard.

A mind that constantly runs seems to be pretty normal, right? But what happens when we deviate from positive self-talk and run down a path of negative self talk about ourselves?

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Life Lately // 5.4.18

Emily Ryan freelance copywriter

Back when I lived in China, I wrote regular “Life Lately” posts to share what I was doing or learning that particular week. Those posts were both informational for readers and therapeutic for me. I enjoy processing through putting words out into the world. So since this blog is new, I want to continue that pastime with regular “Life Lately” posts that will go live most Fridays. Here, I’ll share what I’m learning, reading, doing, etc. while including links to resources that may be valuable to others!


I have news, my friends! I’m going to start taking on clients for freelance writing projects! It’s something I’ve considered doing for years but it wasn’t until I started seeing significant improvement in my health that I even thought it could be possible. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I could meet deadlines when my health was inconsistent. Now though, I’m confident I can do it!

Like with any new challenge or adventure I pursue, I’m researching as much as possible to become more effective in the craft. If you need a freelance copywriter, blogger, or PR gal, please check out my website.

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