Life Lately // 4.20.18

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Back when I lived in China, I wrote regular “Life Lately” posts to share what I was doing or learning that particular week. Those posts were both informational for readers and therapeutic for me. I enjoy processing through putting words out into the world. So since this blog is new, I want to continue that pastime with weekly “Life Lately” posts on Fridays. Here, I’ll share what I’m learning, reading, doing, etc. while including links to resources that may be valuable to others!


Wow – have I been learning a lot over the past two weeks! Jonathan and I have been married for a total of 13 days, and they’ve been some of the sweetest days I’ve ever experienced. It’s been fun to learn how to navigate our schedules as we mostly jumped back into normal life after only a mini-honeymoon. We’re taking an actual honeymoon in June once school is out! I feel like God’s already teaching me a lot about humility as I seek to put Jonathan’s needs before my own.

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Favorite Christian Books - Emily Ryan


In premarital counseling, our pastor recommended we read New Morning Mercies together each day. Because of our varied work schedules, we don’t always read it in the morning, but it’s nice to recenter on God at the end of the day before we drift off to sleep. We received both New Morning Mercies and The Love Dare Devotional as wedding gifts, and we’re looking forward to maintaining a daily habit of reading and praying together.


Through years of working toward clearer skin and keeping unnecessary chemicals off of my face, I’ve learned a lot about natural beauty products. Even though I still swear by Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel to apply before foundation, at bedtime or on days I don’t wear makeup, I love to use jojoba oil. You don’t need very much of it (only a few drops) but it helps your skin maintain its natural moisture. When I first put it on, my skin may feel slightly greasy. But after 15-20 minutes, it tends to soak into my skin without leaving it oily.


Oh how I adore podcasts! As I’ve been getting things set up at our new house, I’ve been listening to ALL THE PODCASTS. My friend, Rebecca Peet’s new podcast, Woven, has been one of my favorites! She and her co-host (also Rebecca), started off their show by talking about body image. The information they share is very timely for our current society!

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2 thoughts on “Life Lately // 4.20.18

  1. Dearest Emily,
    As u well know, I am also more than familiar with the throes of chronic illness and how deeply and traumatically your life can change in an instant!
    I agree that much of my wellness has come as yours-through my faith and through the amazing gifts of Our Lord Jesus Christ!
    This world and it’s continual pressures are something I got caught up in to abundance! I was a chronic over-doer and a people pleaser. Living in a world full of action and daily pressures can beexciting, as is volunteering for absolutely EVERYTHING! It is also extremely exhausting and as anything done in excess- not good for you!
    My mindset has changed drastically and and though I’d never ask for the trauma of chronic illness, it has been a blessing deeper and more profound than I can ever explain. My faith and joy in Christ has taught me much through the darkest of times. My relationship with my husband during profound illness these past seven years has grown deeper, I’ve had many friends disappear from my life painfully; only to be slowly replaced by new , loyal Christian friends that The Lord has placed there. It’s like being reborn again with new opportunities, challenges , and like you, so many abundant blessings. I’m also still not at 100%, but I am a work in progress! I am a child of the highest God and I live each day in the palm of His hands. I am confident my new life and purpose will be revealed as it is meant to be. Being largely homebound many years can be isolating and lonely. Getting well and figuring out what to do next as you navigate a new world can be equally as challenging. The world looks bigger…. things have changed. Friends you loved are no longer present and have gone on with their own lives. While it can be very scary navigating your way, finding new friends and searching for a purpose in life- all while gaining courage to leave the house , I have certainty that God will light my way. I have full confidence in His Word and His Way! Through it all, in retrospect, I would NEVER change a single thing. I’ve gone through many controversies in this life and have seen first hand that even in the darkest times, God brings us to where we are supposed to be. Each experience is a piece of the bigger puzzle which we must put together to be all God means for us to be.
    Savor each moment as I know you will, continue to stay in your amazing good faith and continue to give back as it’s what God wants us all to do , and mostly know you are surrounded by goodness and an abundance of love! I am deeply proud and so very happy for you. You are wise beyond your years my friend! Your future is big and bright! Prayers for a complete recovery as I send you much love and encouragement .❤️
    In God’s grace,

    1. Debbie! Love your thoughtful words, dear sister in Christ! <3 Your perspective on who God is and his goodness even amidst times of suffering is so refreshing! We are all works of progress and He is always growing and shaping us. Lots of love to you!!

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