Life Lately // 4.20.18

Christian Newlyweds

Back when I lived in China, I wrote regular “Life Lately” posts to share what I was doing or learning that particular week. Those posts were both informational for readers and therapeutic for me. I enjoy processing through putting words out into the world. So since this blog is new, I want to continue that pastime with weekly “Life Lately” posts on Fridays. Here, I’ll share what I’m learning, reading, doing, etc. while including links to resources that may be valuable to others!


Wow – have I been learning a lot over the past two weeks! Jonathan and I have been married for a total of 13 days, and they’ve been some of the sweetest days I’ve ever experienced. It’s been fun to learn how to navigate our schedules as we mostly jumped back into normal life after only a mini-honeymoon. We’re taking an actual honeymoon in June once school is out! I feel like God’s already teaching me a lot about humility as I seek to put Jonathan’s needs before my own.

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Favorite Christian Books - Emily Ryan


In premarital counseling, our pastor recommended we read New Morning Mercies together each day. Because of our varied work schedules, we don’t always read it in the morning, but it’s nice to recenter on God at the end of the day before we drift off to sleep. We received both New Morning Mercies and The Love Dare Devotional as wedding gifts, and we’re looking forward to maintaining a daily habit of reading and praying together.

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